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Graphic  Design | Web design

Our Studio

From the time that she could pick up a pencil and draw, Dianne has always had an interest in the arts. She went on to pursue her passion at the University of Cincinnati’s Department of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning, where she studied and graduated in graphic design. At the time, the design program at Cincinnati allowed students an opportunity to intermix their school curriculum with experience working for design firms throughout the country. As a result Dianne was able to work for prominent design and advertising firms in Atlanta and San Francisco where she honed her experience in the newly blossoming fields of computer generated graphics and multi-media. Her last internship in California ultimately led her to Santa Barbara where she worked for several years in the fields of package design and advertising, before establishing her own graphic design business- Gomersall Design- in 1996. Dianne is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Artists, and has won several design awards and is regularly published in Graphic Design USA.



Gomersall Design has worked with many businesses local to Santa Barbara as well as up and down the coast of Central and Southern California. Design is our passion and reliability our mantra. We have developed a long standing reputation for producing quality graphic and digital media work in timely and efficient manner.


web Design

Website design is all about setting yourself apart from the competition without sacrificing the ease of user interface. We understand how to work within and without the plethora of web design templates to ensure the creation of a custom and cutting edge website. We can work with all platforms and social media to get your site noticed.



There’s never one solution. Gomersall Design brings alternatives to the table and understands the need for continual adaptation and refinement.